Pros and Cons of Divi Theme

October 15th, 2019 - ozonesoft

Pros and cons of Divi Theme
The combination of colours, the impression of fonts, and the effect of patterns can have a great impact on the design of your web pages. The recurrence and alignment of pixels and visual elements can provide the perfect cutting edge for page construction. Once you get these elements in balance, it is possible to increase audience attraction and visitor retention on your website.
Achieving all these probable goals for your website can become simple if you can adopt Divi WordPress themes for your web design and development.
Divi theme is one of the most powerful, multipurpose magazine-styled WordPress theme by Elegant Themes. Divi comes powered with the Divi builder within which enables you to create beautifully designed Divi blog layouts, high converting landing pages, new personal portfolio sites or client sites in minutes. And you design your websites on the front-end.

There is a lot to like about the Divi theme. This article highlighted the pros and cons of using Divi.
Pros of using Divi theme are:
• The Divi Builder integrates successfully into the Divi theme. Divi Builder is the best visual page builders. So you can create any type of layout.
• You can create any type of website because Divi is legitimately multipurpose.
• In Divi, there is a huge collection of ready-made layouts and demo designs which allows you to design the website accordingly.
• As Divi uses the WordPress customizer, so you can change your site looks and see a real-time preview. No annoying page reloads!
• Through Divi, you can categorize and present the content based on the page theme. The users will be able to quickly read through the content and understand it clearly.
• Divi Theme Builder allows you to localize the smallest and most significant elements of a web page like the colour and font. And Divi gives you the option to change these factors based on the location and region of your targeted audience.
• The visual page of Divi builder supports live front-end editing so you can edit the content.
• Divi is compatible with the hundreds of WordPress editors for design and coding. So, you can use them to make changes to the designs according to your specific requirements.
• Divi allows you to organize the text, images, and graphics in horizontal and vertical directions very easily.
• Secure theme coding is certified by Sucuri.
• There are bundles of cool extra features like built-in A/B testing, the Divi Role Editor, and Multilingual (already translated into 32 languages.)with RTL support
• Vertical & Dot navigation styling is possible using the Divi theme. Means this theme made it easy for the users to navigate across the same page or different pages.
• Lots of third party child themes, plugins, free tutorials, and best of all a huge happy community which is there whenever you need so yes you are not alone.
• You can add coding to the various sections of the Divi Themes to extend the functionality and enhance design features. And also you can add elements related to visitor interaction and engaging content quality.
Cons of Divi theme are:
• Divi Theme Builder did show some limitations of the system.
• Drag and drop option seems to be erratic at times. While editing to make the design compatible with both PC and mobile.
• The other issue is with the exception handling code. Sometimes the error-handlers don’t capture the unexpected errors during page load-time and not respond to calls from your customized code blocks. In such cases, you have to write a separate exception handler and call the parent class error handler from there.
• The other issue is with the Divi drag and drops visual Builder was the magnification of images and info-graphics data with coding. They seem to fade away when magnified beyond the 150% mark on the mobile devices. Adding a Divi plug-in was able to solve the issue.
Divi Theme Builder is highly customizable for all our customers and their clients. It has given us the tools to harness the entire power of web technology to improve many of the development aspects.
Divi Theme Builder is recommended to all the web developers due to its simplicity, adaptability, feasibility, and scalability to meet small and medium scale customers as well as corporate and global business firms.