Native Mobile Application Verses Web Applications

November 20th, 2019 - ozonesoft


What is the Native mobile app?

Apps are basic applications to be downloaded and installed on a mobile device.

App development is a process that starts with an APP IDEA.
And then comes:
the app to mobile devices.

The app downloads the content and data from the internet so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection.

Why choose a native mobile app over a web app?
1. Because a native app is developed for a particular mobile device.
2. It’s installed directly onto the device itself.
3. It is compatible with a device’s hardware and native features, such as an accelerometer, camera, and more.
4. A developer can incorporate these features into an app.
5. Users download native apps from an app store or online marketplaces such as Apple’s app store or Google’s play store.

Whereas a web app is an internet-enabled app that is accessible via the mobile device’s web browser. No need to download a web app onto their mobile device. Web apps can access only a few native features.

Listed below are a few reasons why you should prefer NATIVE MOBILE APP over a web application.


If you or your customer have cited performance as key to the success of the app, then a native application is highly desirable as the code that runs the app is on the device. This is a great improvement over a web-based or hybrid model where the content needs to be downloaded every time the application is used.


A native app will most likely have a better user experience.


If your design requires access to user data such as user contacts, calendar, and photos or send push notifications to your users then a native app may fit the bill.


If your app requires usage without an internet connection like taking notes, or an offline game.


When you want to increase conversion rates, the sources have found that native apps have better conversion rates than hybrid or web-based apps. If you decide on completing native versions, it’s not necessary to develop for both Android and iOS immediately.


A native app is more secure than a hybrid app because the extra layer that you need to account for in a hybrid app provides an additional layer of security to crack.


With native apps, you get access to distribution from the Apple app store or Google Play this can be a positive distribution method for many developers and it provides strong SEO ratings.

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Here is the quick review of the native app and web app from customer and developer points of view.

Native Apps

• Works for a certain mobile device.
• The app is downloaded onto a mobile device.
• Functionality integrated with the device’s features.
• Often perform faster than web apps.
• The app store approval process guarantees security and compatibility.
• SDK and other tools are provided for ease of development.
• It can be more expensive to create and maintain.
• The app store approval process can be daunting.

Web Apps

• The web app is internet-enabled.
• Users access the app from their mobile device’s web browser.
• Easy to maintain due to a common code base across multiple mobile platforms.
• It can be compatible with an older mobile device.
• It can be released at developer’s discretion since there’s no app store approval process.
• Limited in which device features it can access.
• Safety and security not guaranteed.

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