How to keep your client happy

September 13th, 2019 - ozonesoft


Keeping your client happy and satisfied will go a long way to sustaining a thriving business. Most of the small business get customers through word of mouth.  

Knowing everything about your customers is critically important. Learn about there –  

  • Goals
  • Desires
  • Fears
  • Motivations

Developing a client-centred business strategy builds mutual respect between the clients and you, increasing the value of your services over your competitors. Sometimes, small changes have a big impact on how customers appraise the quality of your service. 

So, here are ten strategies to keep your client happy which could increase the customer retention for your service: 

  1. Be clear and transparent:
    • State clearly what you do and how you deliver your services.
    • Understand what customers can expect from you.
    • Increment in customer loyalty is also based on how mistakes are being handled.
    • Believe in Fixes: Studies show that up to 70% of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed exceeding customer expectations.
  2. Be realistic and do not over-promise:

    It is good to keep your promises and over-deliver. It keeps your client happy and they share a good experience with others about working with you.

    One way to avoid hurdles is to set realistic expectations from the get-go and take on only clients that are happy with that.

  3. Value your clients point-of-view:

    Most clients are experts in their field as you are in yours. Always listen to ideas and inputs from your clients because they have worked with their customers which makes your efforts more efficient. 

    If you are serving to an end-customer, listen to their needs and personalize your service to their liking.

  4. Create a Consistent Onboarding Process:

    Follow the same process of dealing with all new and old client. Try to create a consistent process everyone in your business follows to onboard a new client. This will ensure that each client goes through the same steps and nothing is missed.

  5. Create a Consistent Follow-up plan:

    After the Sale Process Keep following your clients after the sale. Make sure every client gets the same follow up after the project has been completed. It will let your client know that you care about them and keeps the client happy.

  6. Make Contacting You Simple:

    Visiting a website for contact information and found yourself searching multiple pages to discover a hidden “support” email? This drives the clients crazy! Anyone should easily be able to find multiple ways to contact you within seconds of being on your website.

  7. Create valuable content:

    Always share new market insights, your opinion on the matter, and opportunities that your clients might not be aware of yet. Creating valuable content helps your client to get a clear knowledge about things. And clients will also be likely to share your content or recommend your services to their connections based on publicly available content.

  8. Master your field:

    You should always strive to be the best company in your market. If people see your project are working great in a leading brand in the market, they are much more likely to stick to you. They have confidence in you and have one of the best providers.

  9. Reply to your emails promptly:

    Try to reply always to your emails within 24 hours. If possible, within one hour. Choose the effective way to reply saying that you received an email and that you will reply as soon as possible instead of waiting several hours and responding with a long-detailed email. Your quick response times show that if something important comes up you are always on top of your inbox.

  10. Be decisive:

    Clients hire you because you are the expert. You cannot afford to be uncertain about what is best for your clients. In discussions, your confidence has to come across. Avoid “if” in your emails or calls. Expect questions that require research, do the research ahead of time and have all the right answers at your fingertips.

Thanks for reading these tips & tricks. If you feel I have missed something or disagree with any of these, I would love to hear from you.