CodeIgniter the most preferable framework for Web Application Development

September 5th, 2019 - ozonesoft


Today, businesses are growing at a fast rate on the Internet. Companies/organizations are looking for a proficient web development company, which can make engaging websites to showcase their products and services. Modern web development demands scalability, fast development, well-organized structure, re-usability, and maintained code. Thus, the developers have to create websites and web applications of all complexities.

CodeIgniter is a powerful and the most preferable PHP framework. It was created by EllisLab in the year 2006 and made available for free use under the MIT license. 

CodeIgniter framework can build websites and web applications of different sizes and complexity. The developers have to use their skills, knowledge, and expertise to make either a small static website or large-scale complex enterprise content management systems. 

Special features That can convince a developer to choose CodeIgniter for building web applications are: 

  • CodeIgniter programmers can make web applications with high-end functionalities and additional features by using its in-built set of libraries, classes API, and a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. 
  • CodeIgniter assists the programmer to create both front-end and rear-end of a web application efficiently and easily in a secured manner. 
  • There are no restrictive coding rules in CodeIgniter, it assists the developer to make core libraries for the system and allows you to incorporate your existing scripts with the database. 
  • CodeIgniter platform uses MVC (Model-View-Controller Based System) system to catch complex models and helps you to build web application hassle-free with the use of controllers and views. 
  • One of the most important features of CodeIgniter is its enormously light weightiness and its small footprint, which allows you to write only what you need and no bloats. 
  • It enables you to write the code in a single line with the help of an effective validation framework system. CodeIgniter can generate codes error-free and ensures a myriad range of control structures to be placed within the HTML form. 
  • CodeIgniter provides Active Record Database Support, XSS filtering, Form and Data validation, and session management. 
  • It can work well with most of the shared and dedicated hosting platforms. 
  • It is a fast, and reliable framework. 
  • It offers you a user-friendly interface, thereby, helping developers to make an active, flexible, secure, and large web application successfully in a short time. 
  • Installation is not required in CodeIgniter. All you have to do is upload the files to the server and start working on it. It saves you from server modification and PEAR packages, making your development process easy and time-saving. 

CodeIgniter is the framework that you can rely on for sure. It is a preferred PHP framework, having excellent features, ensuring high functionality, better performance and surpassing quality.  

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