Benefits of using Laravel

October 19th, 2019 - ozonesoft

The laravel PHP framework is one of the leading, most expressive and rich web application frameworks in the recent tech-stack. This fabulous framework is created by Tylor Otwell, it provides a way beyond of excellence not because of its single-handed support, but due to its large online community support which allows continues responses through-out the entire web development cycle.

Laravel usage gives developers the power to code flexible and take care of dynamic development requirements from small websites to full-scale enterprise applications.

Its inbuilt functions like authentication, routing, session and caching keep process lightweight yet elegant. Laravel has a strong base in a PHP framework that allows it to takes opportunities for HTML. At the edge, the development procedures must be a pleasant experience rather than a painful one.

Special features of Laravel Framework are:

  • Fast development time.
  • Low server overhead.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Large and active developer community.

Benefits of using Larvel are:

  1. In-built Authentication & Authorization System
  • Control access to secure resources.
  • Handle requested access claims with ease.
  • Deny unauthorized requests.
  1. Simplified Mail Integration System
  • Notify users on performing each activity.
  • Seamlessly integrate mail notification systems.
  • Send emails and notifications via SMS & Slack.
  1. Cached Memory Integration for Better Performance
  • Better memory management, automatically.
  • High-speed execution.
  • Improved backend performance.
  1. Easier Exception Handling
  • Improved information delivery to end-users through real-time notifications in case of an exception.
  • The client satisfaction ratio is high due to user-friendly and informative interfaces.
  • Enhanced usability for the end-user without friction or hiccups.
  1. Better Handling of Security & Technical Vulnerabilities
  • Better and more secure performance promises.
  • Elimination of critical vulnerability issues and security concerns.
  • Faster debugging and fixing of security and technical errors.
  1. Seamless Automation Testing
  • Faster testing due to automation.
  • Automation ensures no issues are left in the testing of core features.
  • Accurate performance ratio calculation by handling multiple scenarios.
  1. Bifurcation of business logic from presentation logic
  • Faster development and handling of feature addition requests.
  • No conflict between UI/UX designers and developers.
  • Easy debugging at any stage of development.
  1. Simplified URL Routing Configuration
  • Fewer chances of blank URL redirection.
  • Better user experience and interactivity.
  • Quicker development owing to the automatic loading of URL routing configuration.
  1. Efficient Task Scheduling and Management Configuration
  • Easy task and process management through automated development, maintenance, and communication of schedules.
  • Automated handling of redundant tasks like sending periodic emails to subscribers or automatic cleanup of data.
  • Simplified time-management for schedules using a single CRON entry.
  1. Highly Secure Framework
  • Fast development and scaling of an application without worrying about security.
  • Capable to handle complex security vulnerabilities without putting an extra effort.
  • In-built fundamental security features for enhanced security.
  1. Object-Oriented Library Accessibility
  • No need to invest time and effort in building object-oriented structures.
  • In-built library for infusing added functionality in an app.
  • Comprehensive object-oriented programming.
  1. Seamless Database Migration
  • Faster database syncing between development machinery.
  • Easier and quick database migration without hassles.
  • In-built database migration mechanism.

A Framework is a source of a platform for building a software application so that developers able to develop the creative logic that helps to deploy a task even easier than before including faster application logic within a timely manner

Laravel can make or deliver the application in a timely and cost-effective way, also offers a scalable intuitive solution that full-fill all your business need. Thus, finding the newbie developer will not be a difficult task as Laravel has already put its benchmark.