5 Emerging Technologies that should integrate into your business.

The evolution of game-changing technologies is leveling the playing field in many industries.The adoption of these technologies is on the rise, giving cognizance to forward thinkers in various industries to reimagine what’s possible. 
Let us study the emerging technologies that could greatly impact business in the coming years through this blog.
  1.Internet of Things (IoT)

 One of the biggest tech trends to emerge in recent years is the Internet of Things. 

 Internet of Things is the idea of connecting all technological devices that  can be to the internet. 
 IOT would not only change the way we do business but also the business 
                  models we use to do it.  
           ●VR is that technology which has come on in leaps and bounds over the past 12 months.  
             ●The technology, which allows users to fully immerse themselves in a digital 
    envionment,has already seen huge success within the gaming industry example
     with Sony’s VR headset  selling over two million units in just over a year.
  Apart from video games, VR is likely to affect companies across the board as 
     they are adopting this technology  to engage customers more  effectively and
     optimize their sales and marketing efforts in the digital environment. 
3.Artificial Intelligence
   ●In the next 5 years, this technology would be found almost everywhere right 
   from navigation apps to smart devices, and daily tools. Industries are in  the       
   averge on emerging this technology in their respective fields. 
    ●AI uses algorithms and fast, repetitive processing to combine and analyze large.
      amounts of data, allowing machines to learn automatically rom patterns and features in the data.  
   ●AI can solve many challenges faced by businesses today. Using AI solutions in your day-to-day
       business operations can help increase sales, improve customer experience and minimize 
       labor intensive operating expenses. 
4.Programmatic Advertising
          ●The top brands are willing to invest in data for programmatic advertising to 
   ensure that the right ad goes to the right person at the right time. 
 ●It uses technology and the resulting analytics to help brands understand as
    much as possible about the a person viewing an advert. 
 In addition,as customers access content through multiple devices programmatic     advertising enables a customer to be tracked and targeted across the       effectively.This a great emerging tool targeting  marketing segment of the  industries. 
5. Customer service will be data-driven
 ● No matter which service technology you choose, it should include a way to quantitatively measure its success.
 ●Without that, there’s no way to prove if the added software is being effective. So, companies continue to adopt service technology, to make their customer service teams much more dependent on analyzing the success of these programs. 
 ●Adopting such service technology will lead to new demand for custom service     data that can be beneficial for companies to keep a track record of their customers.
        To end the blog, I would recommend that in order to stay updated with the latest technology trends, industries need to have a thorough market research of their respective research segments. 

How to make your Company more Scalable?

Have you ever given the thought of making your organization a scalable one or to extend its services for better revenue generation?
To know about the strategies, initially we should research on what is Scalability? and how it can be fruitful for our organization.
  • Scalability is said to be achieved when a company grows or put its efforts sharply, adapting to a larger workload without compromising performance or losing revenue of the company.
  • Scaling your business requires building it in such a way that your model and systems can be rolled out and replicated on a much bigger playing field.
  • Herein the organizational goals are to be refined it in a way that companies are able to grow from thousands of customers to millions.
True scalability in the business allows for expansion and revenue growth while minimizing increases in its operational costs. 
Here are a few tips to make your company more scalable:


1. Build a solid foundationBuild-solid-foundation

  • Initially, when your business is in its developing stage, it is the perfect time to invest your time and energy in foundational systems that will allow your small business to grow into a much larger entity.
  • These systems and processes can help you avoid the painful growing pains that can hit when you’re not prepared. 
  • For example- Having robust systems such as a solid CRMor powerful e-commerce software can help you in managing the web of time-consuming details so that you can focus on other parts of your business that will drive growth and expansion. 


2.Embrace strategic planningstrategic-planning

  • Strategic planning is the link between a great idea and true success.  
  • It helps in knowing your business in a better way, so that you can work dynamically and focus on your business perspectives.
  • It even prepares you to deal with challenges and work on the opportunities to scale and work on organizational goals.


3. Do Market Researchmarket_research

  • Market research is an essential piece of the entire process that can be the difference between success and bankruptcy for your growth-related activities. 
  • It makes you understand the most critical needs and desires of your audience so that you can work accordingly and built your organizational goals.


4. Automate as much work as possibleAutomate

  • Review your business to see what aspects are repetitive or monotonous and make it your ultimate goal to automate them as much possible so that your attention remains focused on growth-related activities.
  • These days there are various software’s and tools available which can automate much of your manual tasks, saving your time and efforts. Automation is always preferred to be reliable and consistent.


5. Focus on your core strengthsstrengths

  • Focusing on your core strengths and hiring or outsourcing the rest of the tasks associated with running your small business is essential for a scalable business. 
  • Concentrate on working on your business instead of in your business; scalable business owners are experts at leveraging outside resources. Look for a staff or team of professional freelancers so that they can work on your projects and you can concentrate on the main core business strategies.


6. Track Your Results and Enhance Your Approach


  • Tracking your work performance is very essential to improve your scalability. 
  • You can use split tests to see which tactics offer the highest conversion rate, and you can test a range of headlines to see what works better than the rest.
  • Making these changes and checking the results timely allows you to enhance the profitability of your business.



From my experience, over time I would suggest that you need to think about scaling as you run and operate your business and, in many ways,you can build a scalable company through the cumulative impact of hundreds of small decisions through time.
The above-mentioned tips in this blog applies to all businesses across every industry of which you can think off. 
Thus, scalability is said to be the only way to multiply your business and achieve the desired business goals.

The Future of Retail Marketing

With the explosive growth of online shopping and a shift in consumer preferences for experiences over possessions, the marketing notion has completely changed the marketing concepts.


New technology and evolving shopping habits are transforming the retail market at a rapid pace.


Social-driven sales and referral traffic have risen at a faster rate than all other online channels.


The digital medium has influenced retail with a powerful strike, reshaping customer behaviour and expectations these days are becoming increasingly demanding, and more tech-savvy to improve their shopping experience.


Through this blog we will be discussing the upcoming retail trends that will transform the industry, reshaping the shopping trends with growing customer demands.


1. Brands will sell experiences at their stores, not just products. online-selling

  • Technological advancement has challenged retailers to become digital, then just simply being mobile brands.
  • Marketers need to shift their focus from selling products to creating memorable experiences for consumers.
  • In order to increase the sales brands will have to prioritize the user experience, designing every customer-brand interaction with the user’s emotions and exact needs in their mind


2. Analytics will be commonplace in every physical store. analytics

  • In the coming years, e-commerce retailers will be using analytics to map where people walk and what they pick up to better position products in the store or track the shoppers at the device level to target promotions, data will be used to understand customers behaviour and increase sales.
  • This strategy will be completely based on consumers preferences and habits as well as their ability to refine the shopping tactics continuously, selectively targeting their preferences. 


3. The Internet of Things will make shopping easier, cheaper, and more convenient.internet-of-thing

  • As per the statistical data, the Internet of Things connects over around 11 billion products every day like home speakers, TVs, and cars, to the internet, retailers can now use this data to provides context about their customers’ product usage.
  • It allows them to send relevant marketing messages to their customers throughout every phase of the buyer journey, enhancing the overall sales level and making it easier and convenient for both buyers and sellers.


4. Retailers will make better use of sensory technology. sensory-technology

  • Retail stores will have more awareness of our emotions and how to excite our senses. By using the sensory technology, the retailers will be able to detect how and when consumers will be reacting to the offered products, signs and interaction with the sales associates.
  • This will allow retailers to have aggregate data on customer sentiment and to adapt offers in real-time based on how customers are feeling.


5. Brands will use augmented reality to market their products. augmented-reality

  • By leveraging augmented reality, the retailers will make it much easier for their customers to engage with the brands.
  • Leading to more exposure in picking the right products which would cater their needs accordingly and brand recognition which would ultimately make the customers buy more of their products.


On concluding the blog, I would say that the rising income level, urbanization, and changing consumer behaviour will give an optimistic outlook to the retail sales, promising an undoubted growth in the future.


Also, the retail business is constantly trying to retrospect their technical strengths, reinvent their offerings across the purchase pathway, and rewrite their approach of retail economics.

11 Amazing Benefits of Choosing WordPress

WordPress is a powerful free content management system (CMS) which offers wide range of features for creating truly impressive business websites. WordPress has made a transition from being a blogging website to an open-source and accessible web development platform. Those who are planning to build highly interactive, responsive, and functional business websites, WordPress will be the right option to choose.
The amazing benefits of choosing Wordpress web development platform for businesses are: 


1.WP is Cost-Effective 


WordPress is open-source which makes it a cost-effective development platform. The design,development and the maintenance expenses of a WordPress site are cheap.



Plenty of plugins and an easy to use interface, WordPress ensures smooth integrations. To add blog posts, images, content, be quite easy and hassle-free with WordPress. Due to its simple interface of the platform required less formatting time. 

3.Search Engine Optimization Ready


WordPress is SEO friendly. Websites built using Wordpress have simple codes and ideal for Google indexing.  

4.Responsive Web Design 


Once a WordPress website design is launched, automatically you can get the benefit of responsive web technology without the need to develop separate websites for different devices. 

5.No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required 


HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dream-weaver) is not required for Wordpress. 
For any new page or blog post, there is no need of additional HTML or FTP software for format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc.  

6.Plugins for Customization


The backbone of this platform is Plugins. Users can customize the site and add the desired features and functionalities by the use of plugins. To add a new feature to the site is to install a plugin.  

7.Ultimate Social Media Integration 


The advantage of WordPress theme website is the seamless integration with social networks. Without login into your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts and your social networking community automatically know that you have fresh content for them. 

8.Self-Hosted Platform


WordPress gives the choice of going self-hosted. It allows the user to select any hosting suppliers and install a software WordPress.org on it. A WordPress blog is easy to use, inexpensive and the user can choose his custom domain name instead of sub-domain name. 

9.Increased Site Security 


WordPress website development is simple because the CMS offers some powerful plugins and tools to strengthen it on a security basis. By the help of its tools and plugin, you can make your website hack-proof. 

10.WooCommerce for E-commerce 


WooCommerce is the free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, that helps to create highly appealing and feature-packed e-commerce stores. WooCommerce integrates easily with WordPress and serves as a powerful e-commerce solution to control both store owners and developers so that they can sell their products online. 

11.Multiple Theme Options 


In WordPress, there are multiple options in themes that can be customized according to the business requirements. You can download the themes according to the category needed and play with them to build attractive websites that replicate their business. 
WordPress website development platform is best to promote your business. By hiring an expert, you will be able to create a website that will reflect your business and show the world that your products are a brand which they must purchase. 

Why Consider Us For WordPress Development


With all the advantages that WordPress CMS brings, it emerges as an excellent choice for creating a 
new business website, e-commerce store, or blog. The majestic online presence is essential for connecting with the potential customers and taking your business to the next level. Ozonesoft Solution is a one-stop solution for WordPress services. Other services provided by us in popular e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop, CAKE PHP, Magento and more. We are proficient in: 
  • WEB: PHP, CodeIgniter, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Graphic design.
  • Android Applications: Android Studio 2.1, ADT Plugin, Pixel Perfect UI/UX customisation-React native Based mobile applications using the latest OS and hardware.
  • IOS Applications includes: Xcode, IDE (Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch) 

Native Mobile Application Verses Web Applications

What is the Native mobile app?

Apps are basic applications to be downloaded and installed on a mobile device.

App development is a process that starts with an APP IDEA.
And then comes:
the app to mobile devices.

The app downloads the content and data from the internet so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection.

Why choose a native mobile app over a web app?
1. Because a native app is developed for a particular mobile device.
2. It’s installed directly onto the device itself.
3. It is compatible with a device’s hardware and native features, such as an accelerometer, camera, and more.
4. A developer can incorporate these features into an app.
5. Users download native apps from an app store or online marketplaces such as Apple’s app store or Google’s play store.

Whereas a web app is an internet-enabled app that is accessible via the mobile device’s web browser. No need to download a web app onto their mobile device. Web apps can access only a few native features.

Listed below are a few reasons why you should prefer NATIVE MOBILE APP over a web application.


If you or your customer have cited performance as key to the success of the app, then a native application is highly desirable as the code that runs the app is on the device. This is a great improvement over a web-based or hybrid model where the content needs to be downloaded every time the application is used.


A native app will most likely have a better user experience.


If your design requires access to user data such as user contacts, calendar, and photos or send push notifications to your users then a native app may fit the bill.


If your app requires usage without an internet connection like taking notes, or an offline game.


When you want to increase conversion rates, the sources have found that native apps have better conversion rates than hybrid or web-based apps. If you decide on completing native versions, it’s not necessary to develop for both Android and iOS immediately.


A native app is more secure than a hybrid app because the extra layer that you need to account for in a hybrid app provides an additional layer of security to crack.


With native apps, you get access to distribution from the Apple app store or Google Play this can be a positive distribution method for many developers and it provides strong SEO ratings.

For any other queries and clarifications, we are here to help you. Just share your IDEA with us get the quote instantly free of cost.

Here is the quick review of the native app and web app from customer and developer points of view.

Native Apps

• Works for a certain mobile device.
• The app is downloaded onto a mobile device.
• Functionality integrated with the device’s features.
• Often perform faster than web apps.
• The app store approval process guarantees security and compatibility.
• SDK and other tools are provided for ease of development.
• It can be more expensive to create and maintain.
• The app store approval process can be daunting.

Web Apps

• The web app is internet-enabled.
• Users access the app from their mobile device’s web browser.
• Easy to maintain due to a common code base across multiple mobile platforms.
• It can be compatible with an older mobile device.
• It can be released at developer’s discretion since there’s no app store approval process.
• Limited in which device features it can access.
• Safety and security not guaranteed.

Native apps can enhance your business strategies and outlook. Building a trusted partner like OZONESOFT Solutions with experience in every aspect of the application forms the basis of various benefits of what the application stands for. We make the whole development process easier for you to understand and quicker at a very affordable price.

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Bigcommerce Will be Your Next Choice for Ecommerce

Choosing for the right E-commerce Platform can be quite challenging as many platforms are available in the market. Big-Commerce development solution is the best and most trusted platform available today as it is reliable and provides complete back-end support which makes perfect for online business. Big-Commerce development holds a prime functionality of inbuilt Marketing ability which results in the increase of sell with fewer efforts. Being one of the most rapidly growing E-commerce Platforms, Big-commerce development solution is extensively accepted by several online businesses.

Big Commerce Development Company in India

Ozonesoft Solutions is one of the top branded Big Commerce Development Company in India.
Which provides high-quality Big-commerce development services to various clients around the globe. If you have recently built your online store with Big-Commerce, or are about to get started, so contact from Ozonesoft Solutions.

With a team of immensely experienced e-commerce developers, we hold great potential to deliver projects within the desired timeline. We provide widespread BigCommerce Development services. Our proud team has proved its brilliance by developing complex and robust plugins to overcome Big-Commerce limitations.

Proficient developers at Ozonesoft Solutions works with such an ease with any kind of complexities involved with Big-Commerce development such as App Registration, Enable multi-user support. Our skilled developers assure you to provide the end-to-end solution to every requirement.

Provide us with an idea and we will make sure to transform your idea into a Leading Product with Big-Commerce. Ozonesoft solutions assure you to deliver an attractive and user-friendly E-commerce design with high-quality Standards as per your vision.

What is Big-Commerce?

Big-Commerce is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that lets retailers to successfully run their business online.

Why Big-Commerce Development?

Big-Commerce is the best e-commerce platform available today. It is complete, reliable and has well back-end support that makes it a better choice as a shopping cart for new online businesses. The features that make Big-Commerce shopping cart a better choice are its simplicity and loads of features that are not available with other e-Commerce platforms at a similar price band.

• SEO-friendly and attractive theme.
• Unlimited products, categories and unlimited bandwidth.
• Full-featured content management system.
• Loaded with powerful marketing tools.
• Easy order management and fulfillment.
• Hassle-free return management.
• Support multiple payment gateways.
• Responsive store.
• Rich and beautiful themes with customization options.
• Multiple currency support.
• Secure and simple shopping cart.
• Built-in marketing tools.
• Reporting and analytics features.
• Cost-effective development process.
• Manage high volume business easily.

Build exceptional websites and applications with BigCommerce

Big-Commerce is a leading e-commerce platform that has everything in it to create a successful e-store. The building, hosting, managing and growing your e-store becomes very easy with Big-Commerce. Fuel your online business growth by hiring the best Big-Commerce developer from Ozonesoft Solutions.

How Can You Increase Your Business With Android Mobile App

Android OS rules the smartphone market all over the world. Though the most widespread platform worldwide, Android lagged behind iOS in enterprise-friendliness. But, this is a story of the past as this Google-backed platform has done remarkably well by integrating enterprise-oriented features in its recent versions. Now Android is becoming a preferred choice for many enterprises worldwide for having an enterprise mobility solution.

Brief Introduction of Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise is introduced by Google to make Android devices and mobile apps ready for the workplace. An initiative was taken by Android mobile app developers to readily integrate APIs into EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions. It is easy to implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept with Android OS because it enables the users or employees to work as per their convenience. With improved performance and enhanced security, Android OS can offer many mobility benefits to the business.

How Android OS Helps Business

The four pillars of Android mobile app development services are Flexibility, scalability, simplicity, and security. When you hire mobile app developers to build a business Android mobile app you can get a one-stop solution from this robust OS.

Special points of Android mobile app

• Android mobile app enables your company to secure critical data by providing a facility to restrict the access and even wiping out of data in the case of phone loss or theft.
• Android Enterprise also enables companies to choose devices and APIs from a range of options.
• Establishing a work profile different from the personal apps in Android is easy, which makes it a preferred choice for BYOD implementation.
• Easy and effective implementation of BYOD and Mobility.
• Address a huge audience.
• Business-friendly features and rapid modification.

Here are the key benefits of Android mobile apps for business:

1. Easy Customization

The Android platform beats another platform in customization and flexibility. A few Android devices can enable the companies to replace the existing software completely to make the device more secure and business-oriented.

Easy Customization of Android operating system is beneficial for companies by saving money and time. Android makes it easy to reduce TTM (Time to Market) for staying firm amid growing competition. Adding or modifying features is much easier in Android as compared to the iOS platform.

2. High Flexibility

It is easy to develop apps for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COSU (Corporate-Owned Single Use) devices as the Android OS is flexible. In this way, Android can help companies to boost productivity with customized apps.
Android apps can be easily integrated into the business ecosystem. Android apps are compatible with emerging technologies like AR, VR, and IoT. It is possible only because of the flexibility and scalability of the Android OS. So Android apps can provide companies with a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

3. Google Support

The main advantage of Android OS for business is Google offers extensive support. Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and other business-friendly apps can be readily integrated into the Android business apps. Though Google has extended support for iOS.

Google also comes up with updates regarding bug fixing, enhanced security and other aspects regularly. It makes Android OS safer and more useful for companies.

4. Higher Scalability

It is possible that the business app needs to handle more users, target a niche audience, or serve the users with high-end features in the future. Therefore, Android app development can lend a helping hand. The Android apps are highly scalable as per the market trends or the user’s demands.

5. Seamless Performance

Though the Android platform is integrated into a wide range of devices, the Android developers have kept pace with advancing technology. So Android OS can offer a seamless performance across various devices.

6. Competitive Edge

Android OS powers over two billion devices worldwide. It clearly shows the importance of this platform. If the company brings an Android app then chances are fair that the app becomes popular rapidly. It further boosts the brand value and ultimately the company can record an increase in sales and the number of loyal customers.

Android mobile apps provide a lot of customization options and scalability to develop future-ready business apps. It is easy to control and manage various devices at the workplace with a single enterprise mobility solution.

We at Ozonesoftsolutions.com one of the top app development companies that offer enterprise-grade Android app development services. We integrate technological advancements to build innovative app solutions cost-effective.

How to Make Your Big-Commerce Store Attract Buyers

Building relationships with customers and creating a sense of community beyond the transactions that occur when a shopper makes a purchase is an important part of running an e-commerce store. Creating bonds with buyers helps develop their loyalty to a store and results in the promotion of product organically, through word of mouth and social media. These dedicated fans facilitate new customers and increase the success of stores. Big-Commerce includes advanced features that alter you to extend awareness and drive more visitors to your website.

If you recently launched your online store with Big-Commerce or planning to do so here are a few e-commerce tips to keep in mind when creating the perfect Big-Commerce design.

The most important components to consider are

• Actively engaging customers via social networks,
• Employing search engine optimization(SEO) techniques to gain popularity
• Creating a Big-Commerce design that encourages the visitor to make a purchase.

1. Search Engine Optimization

The best SEO results often involve the help of an e-commerce website developer or a company that specializes in the area. However, there are still a few basic steps that you can take to drive more traffic to your website by increasing your rank on the different search engines. Here are three important and easy-to-implement tips:

1. Be aware of relevant keywords and include them in the content of your websites. The page header and title tag are the most important places to include keywords.

2. Use internal links within your e-commerce website that point to another section of the site.

3. Include captions or descriptions (with keywords) for each image on your website because the web crawlers will only register text, not images.

2. Design & development of e-commerce website

The important tip to consider is while designing your online shop, look at it from the perspective of a customer who does not know what your company is. With that in mind, be sure that you clearly state not only the company name, but the clear description on the home page of who you are, what you do, and the unique value proposition that you have to offer. Three easy e-commerce tips that make shopping on your site a better experience for the customer are:

1. Make the search box easy to find on all pages of the website, so a customer can easily search for what he wants.

2. Show the tax and shipping charges on the per-checkout price. Be sure that the whole checkout process is as painless and simple as possible.

3. Make sure that the layout of the website is appealing, yet not overwhelming. Use simple colors and don’t overload with too many words or too many pictures on any given page.

3. Create a consistent connection point

Maintaining contact with buyers after an initial purchase helps turn one-time customers into repeat visitors. The reason e-commerce store owners have a presence on social networks and create email lists is to consistently reach out customers and remind them of store existence. Once a customer is on a mailing list, following a Facebook or has a Twitter account, each day brings a new opportunity to tell them about new products or highlight a sale.

4. Do more on social media

Social media is an important marketing and conversion channel for e-commerce store owners, and those who use it simply for those purposes certainly realize positive results. Sharing interesting articles, photos and videos, about a topic that somehow relates to storing products or brands, are a good choice.

5. Ask for reviews and feedback

Getting honest responses from customers about product quality, ease of transaction and other concepts central to the idea of buying things online is important for continued development as an e-commerce store. Also, positive reviews are easy to make part of marketing and outreach efforts. Getting feedback from buyers helps a business grow and succeed.

Designing the perfect website may be difficult if you are not technical savvy. But Big-commerce has several website development and design partners ready to help. Their offerings and prices range greatly, so you are sure to find exactly what you need within your budget. They can help you with everything from social media links to search engine optimization.

BigCommerce is one of the quickest increasing eCommerce platforms in the market, thanks to its ease of use, high quick reaction time, fast implementation, community support and straight forward, handled service. Ozonesoft Solutions is a BigCommerce Development Company India focusing on exceeding the objectives of the customers whenever with top quality and custom-made BigCommerce Development services.

How to Choose the Best Logo Design That Is Perfect For Your Business?

A logo is a mark of authenticity, loyalty, and genuineness of a company, business, brand, and services. A logo has the power to increase the customer of the company, give a professional look and make the business grow and expand. It has a major impact on how your customers will perceive your brand.

So, how do you choose the best logo design that is perfect for your business?

Firstly, you need to ask yourself a few thought-provoking questions to guide you and your designer in the right direction:

• What product or service are you selling, what is your business about?
• How do you plan on using your logo design? Are you planning to use it for a business website, for a mobile app – as an app icon, for business cards, for billboards, or all the above?
• Are you looking for a tech-savvy, professional or friendly designer?

These are a few questions you should answer before choosing your logo design. So here are some points which need to be considered too before choosing a perfect logo for your business.

Your Logo Shapes

Shapes can be the direct outline of your product or something that clearly describe your mission statement. Does your company connect, direct, provide, or inspire? Jagged shapes represent a direct point, rounded shapes are soft and embracing. Identify the shapes that most accurately reflect your business.

Choosing a Designer

Developing your brand can get expensive. A well-designed logo takes time and talent from a professional designer. When it comes to hiring a logo designer, a choice must be based on designer skills and previous work (experience) not on the price only. Instead, you want to look for someone familiar with your industry.

The Importance of Colors

Choosing the right colors is just as essential as the logo design itself. Different emotions are linked to different colors. For instance, Black represents formality, Orange is with happiness, Purple is for luxury, Green shows harmony, Pink shows feminine traits, Blue is associated with stability, Red is for intensity, and Yellow is associated with joy and energy. When you choose your colour scheme, consider those colors only which will represent your brand’s personality at its best.

Keeping Your Customers in Mind

Your business logo should be created for reaching a targeted audience. Think about what your brand is about, who your customers are and what type of imagery and aesthetics they would be drawn to. Your logo does not need to be complex. It should be clever, understood, welcoming and be an image of what your clients or consumers care about.


Remember that your logo should be simple and easily translate onto a variety of media including print, black and white, color banners. And how it will look like an app icon? Is it legible in a variety of sizes and textures?

Online & Mobile Presence

Now the world is quickly becoming a mobile-centered place through the use of laptops, tablets and smartphones. A website and app creation for your business will not only help with credibility but with conversions also.

Your App icon should be beautiful, memorable and simple, like your logo. It should convey its message with just a quick. When all of these points come together, it makes a huge difference for your business. People will not only remember your product and your business’s name but also the message you wanted to send. It won’t be a simple process, however, it’s definitely worth the effort, since it will be with you for a very long time.

Best Hybrid Mobile App Framework of 2019

Selecting the right technology to build your mobile apps is demanding. A heap of technology is available to choose from.

Building and developing native apps for your mobile device has always been a big challenge. As native development gives you more control and better management, it struggles with native SDKs, IDEs, and Apple-specific requirements to produce your new app. But developing hybrid apps have always been the developer’s dream. Hybrid mobile app development is in place to offer a wide array of benefits for users. The most obvious advantages of the hybrid app development approach are cost-effectiveness, consistent UI experience, offline support, simplified maintenance, and ease of integration. Once the code is developed and deployed across all mobile platforms.

There are bundle of Mobile App Development frameworks available out there but we have listed the Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019.

1. React Native

The best open source Cross-platform mobile app framework launched by Facebook.


● Powerful, in some cases more than the others. It’s rendered with native code.
● There are a lot of social plugins to display feeds, grid pictures and stuff like that.


● The learning curve could be very slow
● After months of releases, we’re still at v0.6. Developers don’t like to use tools not versions as «stable» or definitive.

2. Xamarin

Xamarin is launch by Microsoft for developing apps for Android, iOS, and Windows in C#. Its ability to reuse code, tools and functions makes it a suitable tool for fast app development.
Xamarin is used by 15 thousand companies in fields like healthcare, energy and transport.


● The ability to reuse code, tools and functions make the process quick that helps in saving a significant amount of time.

● The apps built by using this mobile framework offer native experience and are aesthetically sound.


● Large Operational Software overheads.
● UI or User-Interface Development is time-consuming.
● Limited outside coding support.

3. Flutter

Flutter is launch by Google which is best suited for the development of the hybrid apps. Flutter is based on the Dart language.


● Provides very good and fast tools to work, build and run the app.
● Brand new and people love Google, so its potential is perhaps higher than other frameworks.
● It performs great, technically.

● It is based on Dart. An extra burden to study new language when you can use JavaScript, React or Angular.
● Limited support on some features, needs time to improve.

4. Ionic

A free open-source framework for developing cross-platform and progressive web apps. the best framework to create hybrid apps. The goal was to build an Angular based system to blow out all those jQuery mobile frameworks and define a modern approach to mobile hybrid apps.


● Has got a live reload system and a nice app to preview your application directly on devices.
● Good performance on UI. Sometimes bad when you use a lot of modules, even approaching lazy loading methods.


● It’s Cordova based and sometimes too limited in the free version for professional requirements.
● The latest version V3 is little bit confusing.

5. Onsen UI

An open-source UI framework for hybrid mobile apps based on PhoneGap/Cordova. It is simple to use, can work with or without AngularJS, and has great documentation that includes lots of examples and layouts for the most common app structures.

● Works with predefined components.
● Excellent documentation with examples.


● PhoneGap/Cordova builder not included, but supported.
● No support for Material Design.

6. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a widely used cross-platform mobile app framework for mobile apps development using Javascript, HTML5 & CSS.


● Easier getting started.
● The single code base for multiple platforms.
● Rapid testing and deployment.


● Not so brilliant performance.
● Lack of UI Widgets.

7. jQuery Mobile

jQuery mobile is HTML5 based development framework designed to make responsive web and mobile apps.


● Support for wide range of mobile browsers.
● Simple to use.


● The dated styles that do not like either iOS or Android.
● PhoneGap/Cordova builder not included, but supported.

8. Native Script
● An open-source framework to develop apps on the Apple iOS and Android platforms. Nativescript gives you powers to code your app using angular or Vue, locally and even with an online IDE. It has decent support for native features and UI features, providing good templates and plugins.


● Cool website and clear docs.
● Better performance than other.


● Bad tools to work with.
● Very limited support to bugs and stackoverflow questions.

9. Framework 7

Framework 7 is full-featured HTML framework to develop apps on the ios and Android platforms.


● It is easy to use, relies only on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
● Good performance.
● You can combined it with any JavaScript framework.


● PhoneGap/Cordova builder not included, but supported.

10. Mobile Angular UI

This framework is used to build Html5 mobile apps with Bootstrap and Angular JS.

● So optimized and crafted beautifully.
● So easy to use.
● Easily compatible with typescript.


● It has a lack of JavaScript components and smaller CSS library and the limited functionality.
● The documents are not that comprehensive.
Hope listed above the best mobile app development frameworks can be a great to fit to start your app business.

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