90 percent of all passwords can be cracked within seconds

July 9th, 2018 - ozonesoft


Yes you heard it right. Make sure that you are not next wailing due to account hacking issues and don’t know how to deal with the situation. The most common cause is keeping easy to create and remember password. Email ID is the most crucial place to be focused as it holds other applications login information’s, links and forgotten passwords mails. Doubling its password strength will keep you safe.

The simplest method that can help you in keeping secure passwords, easily memorize them and attaining 100% strength.

  1. Choose a word which you can easily remember. It should be big enough. Stick to this word whenever you are keeping password for any application. Example: “Interesting”
  2. Add application name with the word chosen at any place (start, end, middle).
    Example: SkypeInteresting, InterestingSkype, InterSkypeesting.
  3. Additionally special characters and digits will be helpful in strength buildup of your passwords.


There are few tips and suggestions as well, which are essential to be taken care off.

  1. Try to keep long passwords; once you get into the 12-15 character range, it becomes way harder for a hacker to brute force, much less guess, your password.
  2. Keep them separated, space them out throughout your password to make the guesswork extra tricky.
  3. Don’t change them; the less often you change your password, the less likely you are to forget it, or to fall into patterns.
  4. Don’t trust your browser; instead go with a password manager that stores and encrypts your passwords like 1Password, LastPass, or Dashlane instead of trusting everything to Chrome. You will simply need to remember a single “master password” to decrypt the rest of them and view them.


You are good to go ahead now. All the very best!!!!