10 questions to ask your client before LOGO design

October 14th, 2019 - ozonesoft

Logo design is very subjective and a question hour is very important before you design a logo for your client, to understand better the requirement of the client.

A client will always be tempted to associate your proposals to other logos they know they have seen before. Their careful consideration and thoughtful responses enable the logo designer to blend art and science.

Finally, the designer produces a logo that stand out to be the best to represent company values and distinctive nature.

This article recommended some questions that cover all grounds and help you to figure out everything that you need to know to satisfy the client’s needs.


  • Background
  • target audience
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Goals


The Questions are you should ask are:

1. How do you describe your company services and product?

It is very important because based on how you describe your business or products, designers can decide which direction to go in.

And that leads to moving on further communication like

· How big is your company means several employees, revenue?

· What services or products do you provide?

· What are the long-term goals of the company?

2. What is your logo designing preferences?

It is important for both the client and designer to have a clear insight about the logo to LEAD the competitor market. This question includes many sub-questions which are enclosed below.

· What are your current logo and your likes and dislikes about it?

· Why are you looking to change the logo?

· Where will the logo be mainly used?

· The better word which fits your brand like Traditional, Friendly or corporate, Consumer or Trade.

· Any restrictions to consider while designing the new logo?

· Ask for the things which must be included, like existing brand elements, words or icons?

3. What do you expect your new logo to achieve?

· Ask your client about what his brand should say about the company?

· What message should it convey?

· Do you have a strap-line or slogan that goes along with your new logo?

4. Who are your main competitors?

It is very important to know about the client’s competitor to create a distinctive logo design. Figure out what shapes and colors are commonly used by a targeted company.

5. Who is their target audience?

Every company has an age demographic they are trying to reach. Like targeted audience of Apple is mainly young people, while Rolls-Royce targets an older audience.

· What is the target audience’s age group?

· Are they mainly male or female?

· How do you plan to communicate with your target audience?

6. Have you any color preferences or existing brand colors?

Know about the color preferences is important for a logo designer to understand the client’s requirement especially if there is no existing brand guidance to work off.

The designer may use a previous study of your competition and their brand color palettes.

7. Do you have any fonts that should be considering?

Like colors, fonts convey and inspire emotion. A designer must know the differences between the four main font types: serif, sans serif, script, and decorative.

Fonts may be selected to match a business’s service or product.

Like the logo of the legal firm, might be best represented with a bold, straightforward font free of curls and swirls.

While logos for cosmetic products use thin, gentle fonts.

8. Do you have a slogan, tag-line, or motto and need to be incorporated in the logo?

Knowing about your logo needs to include a tag-line or not is necessary. If it should be then the designer needs to combine two fonts and this should be done carefully.

9. Which brands inspire you?

What brands resonate with you? Are there any brands you dislike? Answers of these questions streamline the process and help your designer create options that work best for your company.

10. What is a reasonable time frame and budget to create the best logo?

It is important to understand the budget and time frame associated with the project to step-up in it. So, ask your client

· Do you have a budget for the new logo?

· How many revisions or concepts would you like to see?

· Will there be any third party like sub-contractor or agencies involved in this project?

· How frequently (weekly or monthly) would you like to meet?

As I said, logo design is a science and an art. Answering these 10 questions enables a designer to formulate the science that, in turn, supports the art